Photo by Lynn Gutstadt.
Thanks, Lynn

Hi, there.  Grab a tasty beverage and pull up a chair for some sciencey stuff.  I’ve been a chemistry professor, a massage therapist, a mainframe computer system programmer and performance manager (which means I’ve spent a whole lot of time doing statistical modeling applied to real-world situations), and a long-time reader of the science literature, especially in Physics.  If you drop by the Denver Museum of Nature and Science some afternoon and visit our Space Odyssey hall you might encounter me as a Galaxy Guide volunteer, demonstrating one of our spiffy exhibits, maybe the Gravity Well or the Orbits Table.

All that to show you I’ve got the background to know what I’m talking about, mostly.  Please feel free to use the Comments to set me straight when I don’t.

Along the way I’ve had lots of opportunities to clarify technical topics to less-technical audiences.  I’ve retired (several times) so I don’t do that professionally any more, but I’m gonna use this blog to keep on with that.  I plan to post something every Monday morning — sometimes physics, sometimes math, sometimes chemistry, sometimes somewhere in between or out in left field.

Oh, I tend to hit a topic in spurts.  If you find something interesting, flip to the Science Topics list (it’s organized by subject) to find related posts, especially the ones in the same story arc.  The embedded links and the WordPress tags and categories can help, too.

And thanks for visiting.  Y’all come on back real soon, y’hear?

~~ Rich Olcott


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Pierre Fraser

    Wow, this is so cool. I now remember , very vaguely hearing about you doing a blog, or was it, planning to do one. Its great to see you doing it and all the interesting stuff you already have put out. I’ll be keeping an eye out for that from now on.


    1. Thanks, Pierre, glad you could drop by. I’m not up to your standards for doing art or music, so this is my creative outlet. Keep on coming back, I’ll try to keep it interesting.


  2. Sherry Mars Bradford

    I’ve absolutely loved reading your blog and look forward to my email alerts with your latest posts. Keep up the great work, Rich!


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