The Shelter Saga Begins

Way back a million years ago, the COVID-19 cases got bad enough for officialdom to notice and start making recommendations. “Stay home and wash your hands” were the orders of the day.

The following series of pages are taken from the daily journal of one poor schlub’s family who’ve been cooped up for so long they’ve lost track of the days. * Maybe a few of the entries will strike a chord of recognition…

~~ Rich Olcott

* “Why 37?” you ask. Well, 19 is attached to the viral disease and 19’s a prime number and so is 37 which is one less than twice 19. Also there’s this. If those aren’t a good‑enough answer, then how about I didn’t think when I started this series that we’d be locked down that many days. Silly me.


Episodes 1-10
Episodes 11-20
Episodes 21-30
Episodes 31-40
Episodes 41-50
Episodes 51-60
Episodes 61-70
Episodes 71-80
Episodes 81-

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