The Four-force Model, generalized

The particle physicist’s Standard Model recognizes four fundamental forces

  • the Strong nuclear force, which holds atomic nuclei together
  • the Weak nuclear force, which mediates some kinds of radioactivity
  • Electromagnetism, which holds molecules together
  • Gravity, which holds together planets and stars and galaxies and such

On Terry Pratchett’s Diskworld*, the Druids also recognize four fundamental forces but at a much higher level of emergent structure

  • Charm
  • Persuasiveness
  • Chaos/Uncertainty
  • Bloody-mindedness

I suggest that the seasons presents us with an excellent example of this Druidic principle

  • Springtime is clearly all Charm
  • Summertime uses Persuasion to bring forth crops and lull us to sleep
  • Fall is Chaos, with school terms starting and fallen leaves fluttering everywhere, especially into the gutters
  • Winter — ah, bloody-mindedness in action, both in its effects and in what it takes to get through them.

~~ Rich Olcott

* – The Light Fantastic, halfway down the right-hand page

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